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Are you thinking about quitting music? read this first!

quitting Nov 17, 2021

Let's start by saying that wanting to quit... it's a pretty common feeling and thought process for an indie artist. Why? Because this stuff is freaking hard! You are technically self-employed, and if you lack the skills to be your own boss, or lack the motivation or the initiative to start something and continue it with consistency, then yeah, it's bloody hard! 

There are so many reasons you might feel like quitting. No one is listening or responding to your music, you've run out of money, or maybe you have no money to start with. Perhaps you're sick of seeing no results after putting in tons of effort and money. Maybe your family is telling you it's time to quit?

I'm pretty sure I went through all of the above feelings, and I really did want to quit, but thankfully I just couldn't find it in myself to give up. And that's what I want for you! 

Here are 4 things I want you to remember when the going gets tough, and you're about to quit.

1. Why did you start your career in the first place? The "why" is so incredibly important. You need to figure out why you are doing it. What do you get out of it? and how important is it to you? If you can come back to "why" you are doing this, it will help you get through the difficult times.

2. How would quitting make you feel? It might make you feel better in the moment, but what about 5 or 10 years down the track? Will you regret it? What about on your death bed? Will you be ok with the fact that you gave up on a dream because you decided to put it into the "too hard" basket? There will be tough times, but none as harrowing as living with the decision to quit. 

3. Is there really no more you can do? Have you looked at the situation and separated your emotions from it? Why do you want to quit? No more money? No more drive or motivation? These things can be turned around. It cost nothing to create an audience and go live to perform for them. And if you're burnt out, take a break... but don't quit! 

4. If you quit now, what else will you quit in the future? Is quitting your new answer to your problems? Don't get me wrong, there are at times good reasons to quit, but you need to really assess whether you have a good reason for quitting, because if you're quitting just because it's hard or you just don't know how to move forward, then this will be your answer every time something gets hard. This is how our pattern of success or lack of are created. So be mindful.

There are going to be days that you want to quit big time! You have to remember the music game is a long game. There are days right now that I feel like quitting the projects that I have in the music industry. But go back to the why, why did you start this? Ask yourself how you would feel if you just gave up, and is there really no more you can do? Can you not see a way forward even when you try? Lastly, if you quit now, what stops you from quitting the next thing you do, or the next or the next? 

You have what it takes, believe that, and you will find what you need to keep going!

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