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🧠 Is imposter syndrome killing your music career? This will help!

imposter syndrome mindset Dec 15, 2021

Imposter syndrome, it's a real thing ... and it's a real scary thing too! Imposter syndrome is when you doubt your abilities so much that you feel like a fraud or a fake. Imposter syndrome can kill your confidence, induce crippling self-doubt and self-belief, and it can hold you back substantially in your life. 

I get it all of the time! I think most people experience it throughout their life. The difference is learning to recognise it and how we process and deal with it.

Imposter syndrome can kill your motivation, determination and drive, and it can be overall incredibly detrimental to your mental health and career. When you experience imposter syndrome, you won't act. Your fear will block your paths forward. It can stop you from making good business decisions because you might believe you can't make them.

Here are my 3 best tips to help with imposter syndrome:

1. Take note of the wins! This is one thing that I don't do nearly often enough. I am always too busy looking forward trying to reach the unattainable goals that I have set for myself to look back and see exactly what I have achieved. 

By reflecting on past successes or wins that you have had, you're able to focus your energy on realising what you have accomplished. This, over time and with repetition, will train your brain to recognise your success, thus making you feel less like a fraud and giving you a boost of confidence to help you through the stages of your career and life. 

2. Stop comparing yourself! When you're born, there is not a single person on the planet the same as you, and that's what makes you unique which is exactly why you should stop comparing yourself! When you compare yourself to others, you are opening yourself up to negative self-talk and the destruction of self-confidence and self-belief. This is where imposter syndrome starts! When you're looking at other people, what they are doing and what they are achieving, all you are doing is taking the focus off your life, your career and your goals. We need to live in our moment, not the moment of someone else who may appear to be successful, because the truth is, you don't even know if they are.. that's just what you think!

3. Separate facts from your thoughts and feelings: When you start to feel imposter syndrome creep in, take a moment to process the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing, are they facts? Do you know these things for sure? Or are they just your thoughts and feelings? Once you can learn to separate your thoughts and feelings from the facts, you will be in a better position to analyse the situation and think about it from another perspective. The more you practice this, the easier it will become and eventually, you will begin to free yourself of thoughts that are not conducive to a successful career. 

Imposter syndrome or self-doubt can hinder your potential. But, if you can learn how to recognise these feelings and knock them on the head, you will be able to move through life feeling less fearful and more confident, and you will have the self-belief that is needed to reach your full potential. 

Imposter syndrome is a real thing that affects most of us, don't be ashamed of it. Just recognise it and process it. 

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