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New Years Resolutions Still Suck! Try This Instead!

goals Dec 29, 2021

 At the end of last year, I talked about New Year Resolutions, and I said they sucked! This year I am still saying they suck! Now let me explain myself. 

I love the idea of resolutions, and I'm all about change and growth. In fact, I live every single day working on being the best version of myself. But I think the term "New Year Resolution" puts an invisible ring of stress around us, making it almost impossible to fulfil any resolution. 

Our brains can only cope with so much change. The less, the better! The less, the more likely we will be to fulfil the resolution. So in this blog, I will give you 2 things to try out for the new year that will satisfy your want for a "New Year Resolution" and will give you a far better chance at succeeding. 

1. Choose no more than 3 things to focus on. Now, this very much depends on what your resolution is. If it's something like losing 15kgs by eating well and going to the gym, then this really should be your one focus for the year. Change is difficult. Over time we have wired our brains to work a certain way; this is how we develop patterns, create our mindset and ultimately, how we create our life. To change something in our life, we have to rewire our brain, and the brain is incredibly complex, so this shit is not as easy as writing it down on a piece of paper; hence the reason most of us fail when it comes to our New Year Resolutions. 

So when you are thinking about your resolutions and things you wanna change, it's important to focus your energy on no more than 3 things and fully commit yourself to those. Fully committing is not just writing them down and seeing how you go; it's actually making a plan. So when you are writing your New Year resolutions, I want you to write down a plan of attack for them. For example, your goal is to exercise more. I want you to look at your weekly schedule, choose when you exercise, and then commit to it. NOTHING works if you don't commit, no goal, no resolution, no change. Nothing happens without first committing to it. Choose your days, and that's it; that is when you go, do not make excuses! If you fail one day, then get up and go the next. It's about growth and improvement, and you have to remember that it takes time and most of all, repetition.

2. Look at them as long term goals and break them up over the year. The second thing I do is look at my resolutions as goals instead of resolutions. I categorise them as either long term or short term goals, and then I focus on changing them one at a time. It's so important not to overwhelm yourself. If you do, then you will give up and most likely put it on the list at the beginning of next year. 

Now, don't get me wrong, if you've got some small goals in there, like making your bed every day, then this will only take up a bit of your morning, so you might be able to add a few other goals to your list. You have to play it by ear and see what you are comfortable with. The goal is never to overwhelm yourself because once you do that, then you'll be outta there! 

Say no to New Year Resolutions and yes to New Year goals!

Don't beat yourself up, don't overwhelm yourself, take it slow and work on one thing at a time. Success is far more likely to follow if you take your time, plan and focus on one thing at a time! 

Happy New Year goal achieving!

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