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Record and release a Christmas song like this and save money

copyright holiday tracks Nov 24, 2021

Christmas is my favourite holiday! I freaking love it, the food, friends, time with family, giving presents, the Christmas tree and mostly the songs! What is Christmas without the songs?

Last year I recorded a Christmas album, a bunch of classics, along with an original song, and that's what I wanna talk about. Not the original songs but the covers I did.

It can be so difficult for indie artists to get the funds together to record and release music, but I think there is a big missed opportunity when it comes to holiday tracks. Now I've talked about this briefly in a previous blog, but if you're looking for content to put out, which you should be, then recording an acoustic version of your favourite holiday track is the way to go.

Now I will be doing a video on covering other artists songs in the coming weeks, but first, I want to cover our holiday tracks so you can quickly and inexpensively get a holiday track out in time for Christmas.

Now, so we don't have to worry about permissions, payments or any kind of copyright issues, you need to record a song from what is called the public domain. These are songs that no longer have any copyright or permissions attached to them. This means that you can record and release your own version of any song within the public domain. You can then list your version with APRA or your country's performing rights organisation. So I filled my Christmas album with classics from the public domain.

A simple acoustic guitar and string arrangement or even a piano is more than enough to put out your own version of a beautiful Christmas song. Then, once you have recorded the track, upload it to a distribution house and release it. Then, you can create a big Christmas promotion, create content from the recording, lead-up, talk about the track, and go live when you do this. There are so many opportunities for creating content to last you the Christmas month.

Recording your music doesn't always require a big budget; it needs to be good quality, but if you look at Adele's new song, there is a piano, bass and a simple drum loop. It's the biggest song on Spotify Yes, I know she is Adele, which sure helps, but it cements that music can be really simple, beautiful, and successful.

More money doesn't mean better quality. And with any release, you can create a bunch of content from it, get creative and don't always feel like the production has to be massive! So share your Christmas spirit with the world... on a budget!

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