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This Is Why You Should Have A YouTube Channel For Your Music

social media youtube Jan 12, 2022

At the time of writing this, we are in the second week of 2022! Time is moving ultra-fast, and it's time to double down on things that will help grow your music career. 

I've had this question a few times over the last year, so I thought I would talk about it and give you my honest opinion, because that's what I do, give you my honest and very down to earth opinion. So, should you have a YouTube channel for your music? YES, you should. When I write these blogs, I like to give you reasons for my thoughts. Usually, I give you 3 or 4, so here are the 3 reasons for having a YouTube channel for your music. 

1. YouTube is searchable -  When you create content, it's important to get the most out of every piece you create, and the best way to do that is to create searchable content. What is searchable content? It's content that doesn't disappear, content that is searchable for years to come. So when you create the metadata for your YouTube videos, i.e. the tags and headings that you use, those words or phrases become searchable content, which means that anyone typing in those particular words or phrases could potentially find your content.

TikTok videos, Instagram stories and reels disappear, which means your content has a life span and generally, with those platforms, it's a pretty damn short one. When you post content on YouTube, it's there until you take it down, meaning you are discoverable forever. Forever is far longer than 24 hours. This is also another reason you should consider whether you're spending too much time creating content that may not be driving traffic to your business.

2. YouTube is a great marketing tool -  I love to use YouTube as my marketing tool! If a venue or a booking agent, festival organiser or event manager is looking for the perfect act for their event and your name comes up, they will want to see what you have to offer! And the best way for them to do that is to visit your socials. But the first and most important thing they will want to see will be video footage. Video footage is such a powerful marketing tool. If you have a YouTube channel with film clips and live footage, you will be way ahead of other applicants. Once your video is created and uploaded, it will serve you in so many ways, but the most effective is to drive potential customers to your videos because it gives them the best possible preview of the type of act you are. 

Marketing can be costly. That's why when you are creating content, you should keep in mind how you may be able to repurpose your content to help you market and build your brand.

3. YouTube is the second largest search engine behind google - This is why you're crazy not to have your music on YouTube! It is the second biggest search engine globally, with over 3 billion searches a month! Like all social media, YouTube has an algorithm, so it can work favourably if you spend some time researching and growing your channel according to best practices at the time. 

You have to remember that being FOUND is one of the biggest keys to your success! If no one knows your music exists, then no one is buying it, your fan base isn't growing, your brand isn't building, and you will have no career, let alone a successful one. 

YouTube is free! The platform constantly develops and creates new tools such as their YouTube community to help artists connect with fans. They now even have a system that allows certain pages to accept financial support from their viewers, meaning you can make money aside from any ad revenue! So there are tonnes of reasons to invest in growing your YouTube channel. 

Remember to create content that you can repurpose. For example, when you do a video for YouTube, get it posted on your socials. Take some screenshots and turn those into a post on your socials. Always be thinking about how you can repurpose your content. Use your time wisely and invest in the platforms that give you the greatest return, and by return, I don't mean followers for your ego! I mean followers that are fans, that you have moved onto your email list and fans that will buy your music and go to your shows! 

If you don't have a YouTube channel, now is the time to create one. Then, build your YouTube channel in 2022, share more content with the help of the second biggest search engine.

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