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Are You Struggling To Get More Fans?? This Is Why!

Growing an engaged and loyal audience is a tough gig. There's so much content and so much music out there that I can firstly be tough to get your music in front of anyone let alone grow a loyal and engaged following. 

It took a lot of dedication to get my 34k audience on Facebook, which at the time was the biggest platform for growing an audience. 

Here's what you could be missing if your audience isn't growing the way it should be. The RIGHT content! Now you might be posting content consistently, like every day and all you're hearing are crickets... I know that feeling... but that soon changed when I started sharing the RIGHT content. 

You need to look at yourself as an artist, so who are you as an artist? Then you need to look at what kind of people would follow you, so what kind of age, personality, figure out your perfect fan, write them down and then start listing things that your type of fan likes, what are their interests or hobbies? What kinds of movies do...

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Spotify For Artists - Your Questions Answered

music marketing spotify Jan 20, 2021

It's important to know how Spotify works.. as an artist, and you need to know how to sign up for an artist profile, pitch your songs for playlists, and monitor your stats. It's essential to know where you can find the numbers, what they mean and how you can improve them. 

In this video, I go through my own Spotify dashboard and breakdown the following: 

- How to set up your artist profile
- Your Music Numbers (Including streams and songs you've released)
- Playlists (Which songs have made it onto what playlists)
- Where you can find your future releases that have been sent to Spotify by your distribution house
- Where to pitch your upcoming release to Spotify Playlist Consideration
- Audience 

Building your Spotify profile is just like building all of your other social media platforms; only this one can pay higher dividends. You want to direct your audience to Spotify and build a community on Spotify so that the algorithm realises you have a following and will share...

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BRANDING! Actually.. What The Hell Is Branding?

Do you ever find yourself reading music career advice or listening to advice, and they talk about branding and how important it is to a hugely successful career? I sure did.. I'm like ... well I'm not a box of Coco Pops, and I'm not NIKE so why the hell do I need a brand.. and for that matter what is a brand?

Look, you will be told many things throughout your career by many people who might have some knowledge, but no experience, or maybe vice versa, but one thing they aren't wrong about is branding, and it's importance, so what is it?

Think of your music career as an entity like NIKE or McDonalds or Target, you sell music, so in essence, you have a business, so you must work like one. 

These days the world is one of consumerism. I wish I was listening to my year 12  business teacher more when he was delivering this information. What does that mean? Well, we, as a world like to acquire and consume things, and there are many, many, many things out in the world ready...

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Why New Year Resolutions Suck - Try This Instead

Please don't get mad at me! I'm honest and I tell it like I see it.. but read on.. it's not as bad as you might think!

I used to make resolutions every year, a resolution is a promise that you make to yourself, a firm decision to do or not to do something, and some people make many resolutions. That was was me; I made heaps of resolutions.. a whole page full, the more, the better. I would fill my year up full of change and full of promises to be a new me. Every year was the year that I would have the most success in my career ..and every year ... I would fail, and things would remain the same. 

Change, the kind that actually lasts has 3 key ingredients: 

1. Willpower
2. Habit
3. Consistency 

Willpower is a muscle, which means it weakens.. so we need to form the habit that changes our lives and to form new habits it takes consistency! This is why resolutions don't work, and instead, we need to create goals and habits. Having the willpower to change one thing...

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Manager Vs Agent - What's The Difference?

When I first started my career, and for many years after, I thought that a manager and an agent were the same things. While they sometimes can be, there is a difference in the role between the 2 of them. It depends on what your career goals are as to whether you need a manager or an agent. It also depends on what or how much your manager takes on in their role. 

I have an agent, I don't have a manager, although I do have a mentor, which is something entirely different again. I don't want a manager for my career because I like to dip my toe into too many other sections of the music industry so the focus of a manager would be wasted on me. 

So what is the difference between a manager and an agent?

Manager: Primarily a manager is employed to do precisely that, manage your career, they often work with a team of people to ensure that you are fulfilling your commitments, that you are being offered every opportunity possible and that you are being paid for your time and...

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Don't Do These As The Parent Of An Artist

music career parents Dec 06, 2020

It takes me a lot to talk about my childhood, but I'm writing this blog because I had an overbearing parent that wanted to manage my career and he really thought he was doing a stand-up job when really, all he did was hurt my career and hurt me. When I turned 17 I left home, and I had a 2 year break, which at that point I didn't think that I would return to music. I was burnt out from the consistent push, the consistent feeling of having to satisfy my father and the overwhelming amount of work I was doing as a child. Don't get me wrong; those lessons have taught me so much, mainly how not to parent lol! But I never got to be a kid. 

When I eventually decided for myself that music was what I wanted to do, I went out into the industry that I was already quite well known in and started again. The one thing that I heard the most was "thank god you go rid of your father", or "I have wanted to work with you for a long time, but we couldn't work with your father". As parents...

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I've Recorded A Song & Got No Money Left ... What Now?

music marketing recording Nov 29, 2020

I've recorded my music, used all of my budget and I don't know what to do next.. I can't tell you the number of times I hear this, artists spending all of their budgets on recording their music, getting the final product and then having absolutely no idea what to do with it. 

The thing is, you need a plan and in reality, once you have your song already recorded, you can only plan for the future. So I suggest taking your time, don't rush out and release it! Develop a plan for its release.

If you have already recorded your music, then here are the next 3 things that you need to do! 

1. WAIT! Don't just release it. Before releasing your music you need to have a few things in place, the music is unheard, so don't stress about rushing it out there, this will only lead to failure. So that is my first tip, just slow down, let's wait and create a bit of a plan. Set your release date for your single around 4-5 weeks in the future, for an album approx 2 months. 


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How Do I Get My Music On The Radio? 3 Tips!

Time and time again I have the question "how do I get my music onto radio", depending on what radio station you want it on will depend on how much success you will have. Let's face it, to get onto mainstream radio can be tough, there are a few things that you need to have in place to make that happen. Firstly you need to have the right music that suits the station, second, it is the programme directors job to ensure that what is played on the radio is well received, so if you're an artist that they have never heard of, even if they like your song, they have to take a chance on you, and that usually works a little better if your music comes with a reference! and preferably from someone that is known to the radio station. 

So here are 3 tips to get your music onto the radio.

1. Use a publicist or send through radio servicing company. Yep, they cost a little bit, but they are worth their weight in gold! When you are looking for a publicist, make sure that they have the...

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Singles VS Albums

Singles vs albums, this has definitely changed a lot over the past five years. Majority of the time, you are always going to get more for your money when you buy in bulk, and generally speaking, that is the same for recording. The question is, however, should you be releasing them all at once as an album or should you release singles? 

In today's world of streaming, it is singles for the win. Sure if you really want to, then you can put all of the singles together and put out an album after you release each song. 

Here are three reasons to release your songs as singles: 

1. People have less to detract their attention. When you release a single, so one song, the focus is your one song, it's not the other five on your EP or album. When someone is focused on the one song, they can pay attention to it, decide if they like it and then start streaming it. Giving your audience too much choice at one time means that you have to consistently be creating more, whereas if you...

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If You Don't Network Then You're Wasting Your Time


Networking, for me, feels like death! I am what I like to call an introverted extrovert, I can be an extravert when I need to be, but in general, I like to keep to my own very small group of people. 

In the music industry networking is a crucial key to your success. You know the saying "It's not what you know, it's who you know?" well, the thing is, that is kinda true. Let me give you an example. There is an after awards party happening and I decided to head home early, but my other artist friend chooses to stay and mingle with everyone, this particular night the head of a well respected radion station happens to be there, my friend spends 10 minutes with this person, he gives he a card and says let me hear your music. That is an opportunity I missed out on, I didn't do the networking, and now she has a relationship with them, and I don't. 

Here are three reasons why you must network in this industry:

1. People are more willing to do more. People will go the extra...

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