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How COVID-19 Will Change The Music World For The Better

Article as seen in Thrive Global

It was in times of uncertainty, difficulty, fear and hardship that some of our most successful businesses were created, and this time is no different!

Had I not experienced this myself, then I would never say it, but COVID-19 has changed the music industry, and I think it's for the better. Of course, it is completely heartbreaking that we have lost businesses throughout the course of the virus and of course, the economy is suffering majorly, but when this all dies down, and things begin to return to whatever our new normal may be, one thing will have changed, one thing will have improved and that one thing will open up a world of business opportunities for the music industry. 

COVID-19 has forced us to move online! A portion of the world has refused to be online, and right now if they want to enjoy at least some of the luxuries they have had in the past, then they need to follow. What does this mean for the music industry?


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