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Don't Pay For Your Design Work

design music business Oct 25, 2020

In the beginning, you don't have to pay for everything! I had a professional do all of my graphic design work for years! It cost me a fortune, of course, it looked great, but then I found a platform that is consistently developing and improving and now I use it for everything! 

CANVA - It is my most favourite program, I use it for everything, and it is easy. I used photoshop for a while, and I found it so time-consuming and I really didn't want to spend all of that time getting my head around such an in-depth program. That's when I discovered Canva, a design platform that can do almost anything that you will need. 

Album covers, posters, social media posts or banners, website banners, logo's, social media calendars, anything that you need, Canva can do. I know this because I have tested its limits, and while it isn't photoshop, it will do what you need without the headache of trying to work out how to pilot such a program. 

When you are an indie artist, you need to...

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