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What Is A Music Distribution Deal?

distribution May 12, 2021

I know industry terminology can get pretty confusing; it took a long time for me to learn what a distribution deal was; although it may seem like an easy one, it is generally a term used but not understood. 

Distribution is exactly what it sounds like.. you are distributing a product, in this case, your music, so it is the distribution of your music to either digital stores or physical stores (if you are selling physical copies).

Now... this is where it gets tricky.. distribution deals! You can send it to a distribution house like CDBaby, DistroKid, or TuneCore to release your music. There are tons of companies that will distribute your music to all of the digital platforms. Being able to distribute your own music cuts out the middle-man, and you get to keep all of your profits, aside from the fees charged by the distribution house. Some of these platforms, like TuneCore or Amazon, will also distribute your physical copies. 

Now, distribution deals! Broken down...

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