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3 Reasons Why An Independent Artist Should Have An Email List

We need to take advantage of all of the marketing tools available to us, but a lot of artists tend to forget about one of the most important!

Developing an Email List! Email is a direct contact to your supporters that have already taken the time out to sign up to your list, meaning, they have already put their hand up and said: "yes, I like what you do".

As an artist, we need to grow our list and maintain an active relationship with the subscribers. Unlike Social Media, if you send an email, it reaches your whole list, you don't need to pay for people that are already on your list to see your emails.

If you haven't started your email list, then there is no better time to start then now! If you have started it, concentrate on growing and nurturing it. Your list can be a very valuable asset because when you are ready to release and sell a new product, they are an already engaged, interested audience.

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