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Don't Make This Mistake..He lost his whole YouTube Channel

Social media is cool .. and it's an important part of growing your profile... BUT .. do not let it be your main focus! 

I often talk about email marketing, and sometimes people say.. Nah .. email marketing is dead... but it's not! And I recently watched (in real-time) a great example of WHY we can't build our whole career on any platform... Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube .. NONE of them... why???

Well, let me tell ya .... 

CASE STUDY: Wavy Wayne ...

Wavy is a professional audio engineer who has amassed a YouTube following of over 170k people.. yep, and he's got the 100k YouTube silver play button plaque and everything... not one strike against his name.. the perfect YouTuber!

Now I was watching a live stream of his just a few weeks ago and he wasn't himself.. this was just a live stream on Facebook where he has just 3.8k followers. So I thought I would take a moment to see what he was talking about. 

It turns out that poor old Wavy Wayne had just received an...

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Turn Social Media Followers Into Income Producing Fans!

Social media can be a tough game! Especially because of the ever-changing algorithms, it is incredibly challenging to build your fan base on social media (this is why I am such a fan of email marketing).

However, you can build a genuine, loyal fan base on social media with the intent of funnelling them down into your email list.  

Social media should not be the beginning and end of your whole marketing strategy. It is not reliable enough. You don't own your fan base! I have said it many times! You could build a fan base of 2 million people on TikTok, and next week Tiktok could pull the plug, and with that plug will go your 2 million followers. 

BUT, social media can be a very effective tool when it is used as a funnel. What do I mean used as a funnel? Well, social media creates a lot of opportunities for you to gain new fans. By connecting with your fans consistently, loving on them and developing a great relationship with them, you want to eventually use...

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