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New Years Resolutions Still Suck! Try This Instead!

goals Dec 29, 2021

 At the end of last year, I talked about New Year Resolutions, and I said they sucked! This year I am still saying they suck! Now let me explain myself. 

I love the idea of resolutions, and I'm all about change and growth. In fact, I live every single day working on being the best version of myself. But I think the term "New Year Resolution" puts an invisible ring of stress around us, making it almost impossible to fulfil any resolution. 

Our brains can only cope with so much change. The less, the better! The less, the more likely we will be to fulfil the resolution. So in this blog, I will give you 2 things to try out for the new year that will satisfy your want for a "New Year Resolution" and will give you a far better chance at succeeding. 

1. Choose no more than 3 things to focus on. Now, this very much depends on what your resolution is. If it's something like losing 15kgs by eating well and going to the gym, then this really should be your one focus...

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Consistency Really Is Key!


Consistency really is key! Key to what? I guess if you think about it, consistency is key to success in everything and maybe that is why it is so hard to stay consistent, no matter what your goals are. 

We often wait until motivation strikes to work on our goals, then once motivation is done, we take a long break, and it's this lack of consistency that interrupts our workflow and in the long run, leads to unfulfillment in goals and our lives. 

BUT! Did you know that if you practice being consistent, then it eventually becomes a habit, once something is a habit, it becomes easy!. 

One of my favourite books is called "The Power Of Habit" it changed my perspective on consistency, motivation and procrastination. 

There are a few ways to ensure that you are successful in creating consistency within your music business.

Let's talk about them! 

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