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How To Use Mindset To Succeed In Your Career - Music & Mindset (part 4 of 4)

mindset music & mindset Oct 20, 2021

Alright! The big one! Welcome to the final part of the 4-part series Music & Mindset. I hope you've enjoyed the series so far. I also hope that you will take the time to read, process, consider and then action these changes in your life, because without it... I would go as far as to say .. it's impossible to be successful. 

How to use mindset to succeed in your career:
Have you ever taken a minute to notice the eerily similar things successful people have to say? I'm talking about the uber-successful people like The Rock, Kevin Hart, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Mariah Carey, the list goes on. Their stories all sound the same; whether they knew the secret of mindset or not, they all had geared their mindset for success. 

I remember watching Oprah, and she was talking to Michael Buble, who said he would keep his bible under his pillow and every single night as he went to sleep, would think of his life as a famous singer. He talked about how his...

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3 Tips To Help Your Gear Your Mindset For Success - Music & Mindset (part 3 of 4)

Welcome to part 3 of the Music & Mindset series! Man! I love talking about this stuff, and I could do it all day long ... it's the only thing I have ever shared the same level of passion for as I do my music. I think that's because I credit changing my mindset and learning how to plan my life to the beautiful life I am finally living. 

In this part of the series, I want to give you 3 of my best tips to help you gear your mindset for success. Now again ... don't discredit these because they sound silly, or you can't be bothered or because you think it won't work, if you're reading this, then whatever you are doing already is probably not working anyway... so I say.. what have you got to lose?

Alright .. here are my 3 best tips to help you gear your mindset for success! 

1. Decide what you want!
- It's as simple as that, but you would be completely blown away at how many people actually don't take the time even to figure out precisely what it is that...

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How Mindset Can Change Your life - Music & Mindset (part 2 of 4)

Welcome to part 2 of the Music & Mindset series!

In this part of the series, I want to delve into how mindset can change your life. 

Now you may have hit rock bottom, and you just can't take any more of not moving forward, not seeing success, or maybe you just want to do better than you are already, whatever your goal, the only way you can make it happen is to change your mindset.

Your brain is on a loop:
- Most of us make one big mistake in our lives, and the majority of us don't even know it! We jump out of the driver's seat and put our brains on autopilot... this is why so many people have failing relationships. They take the same patterns and behaviours from one relationship to the next, and it's also why many big lottery winners end up more broke than they were before winning because they have patterns and behaviours on a loop. Most of the time, we don't even notice that we are doing the same things over and over, repeating the same mistakes until it's too late. 

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3 Tips On How To Tackle Crippling Nerves

mindset Jun 30, 2021

Whether you're heading into an audition, or you are doing a radio interview, or you're on stage performing, nerves can be completely debilitating!

Nerves literally turn me into the worst singer in the room. Most of my vocal skill comes from the ability to support my voice and use my techniques well, so when this system fails me, I am left with just the sound of my voice to impress people and unfortunately, I wasn't born with a tone that is .. well let's say hugely appealing. 

So I have spent years and years getting to a point where I can control my nerves. Now I am not suggesting that you put in years of work to get to that point, but I do have 3 tips that will help you calm your nerves enough to get you through with a great outcome.

Nerves will suck the talent out of you if you let them! So here are my 3 favourite tips/pieces of advice that I have collected over the years to help me control my nerves. When you start to implement these, you will notice a huge difference!

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3 Reasons Why Making Excuses Kills Your Music Career

mindset Jun 23, 2021

Ok, I know I will probably be in trouble for this one, but I feel compelled to write it because there was a time that I was the queen of making excuses for why I wasn't successful, why I hadn't done what I said I was going to, why I procrastinate. You name the excuse, and I have used it. 

It wasn't until I started taking responsibility and living proactively that I was able to see results. But, of course, we all do it some time or another; I think it's human nature to make excuses for not doing something, for things not going right etc. But at what point are those excuses holding you back?

I see it often, especially in the music industry. But, if you can take a moment to ask yourself what the real reason is for you not completing a task or not succeeding, you can start to change your career path.

Here are 3 reasons for putting a stop to making excuses!

1. You're Convincing Yourself That There Is No Problem:
When you make an excuse for why you can't do something, or you haven't...

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The Secret Behind Self Confidence | The Way It Actually Works

mindset self confidence Feb 19, 2021

I try.. to only talk about things that I know about .. and limiting self-belief and self-confidence issues is something I know a lot about. 

I wanna give you three real ways to help you with it because I know that it can be completely debilitating to battle with yourself consistently, telling yourself that you just don't have what it takes. 

The first thing that I want you to understand is that when we give our brain the chance to run wild and do as it pleases.. it will do just that, it will rely on all of the thoughts that we have programmed it with throughout our life. It is literally like letting a car drive itself .. never a good ending. But this is a great thing because it means that we can retrain our brain, we can tell it what to think and feel.. and because this research is scientifically backed, it makes it easier to accept. 

Next! Rinse and repeat.. do what makes you uncomfortable .. and do it often! The more you put yourself in an uncomfortable position,...

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