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3 Tips To Help Your Gear Your Mindset For Success - Music & Mindset (part 3 of 4)

Welcome to part 3 of the Music & Mindset series! Man! I love talking about this stuff, and I could do it all day long ... it's the only thing I have ever shared the same level of passion for as I do my music. I think that's because I credit changing my mindset and learning how to plan my life to the beautiful life I am finally living. 

In this part of the series, I want to give you 3 of my best tips to help you gear your mindset for success. Now again ... don't discredit these because they sound silly, or you can't be bothered or because you think it won't work, if you're reading this, then whatever you are doing already is probably not working anyway... so I say.. what have you got to lose?

Alright .. here are my 3 best tips to help you gear your mindset for success! 

1. Decide what you want!
- It's as simple as that, but you would be completely blown away at how many people actually don't take the time even to figure out precisely what it is that...

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How Mindset Can Change Your life - Music & Mindset (part 2 of 4)

Welcome to part 2 of the Music & Mindset series!

In this part of the series, I want to delve into how mindset can change your life. 

Now you may have hit rock bottom, and you just can't take any more of not moving forward, not seeing success, or maybe you just want to do better than you are already, whatever your goal, the only way you can make it happen is to change your mindset.

Your brain is on a loop:
- Most of us make one big mistake in our lives, and the majority of us don't even know it! We jump out of the driver's seat and put our brains on autopilot... this is why so many people have failing relationships. They take the same patterns and behaviours from one relationship to the next, and it's also why many big lottery winners end up more broke than they were before winning because they have patterns and behaviours on a loop. Most of the time, we don't even notice that we are doing the same things over and over, repeating the same mistakes until it's too late. 

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What Is Mindset - Music & Mindset (part 1 of 4)

music music & mindset Sep 29, 2021

Welcome to part 1 of the 4-part series "Music & Mindset". I recently finished a 4-part series called "Music & Money", which I had some fantastic feedback for, so I have decided to do another series! This series focuses on the topic that I really believe will determine the outcome of your career and life and the overall level of success you can achieve. 

 This information is the closest thing I can give you to an overnight success pill!

What Is Mindset?
Your mindset is a series of beliefs or self-perceptions that you hold about yourself. These beliefs and perceptions are what determine your behaviour, attitude and overall outlook. For example, you may believe that only lucky people do well in life, or the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, or, no matter how hard you work, you are just destined to be broke.

Over the past nine years, I have read countless books and have worked on changing my mindset. I hit rock bottom about nine years ago, lost...

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