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The 5 Books You Need To Read This Year 📚

personal growth Jan 05, 2022

Ok, disclaimer straight up! I actually don't read.. I can.. but nothing sinks in.. I'll read the same page 3 times and still not know what the hell I have just read. So I have an audible subscription. I listen to audiobooks. For some reason, it sinks in much better. It doesn't really matter how you take in information; what matters is that you do.

I listen to at least 20 books a year plus podcasts! I listen to books on business, mindset, health, music, but mostly personal growth. Listening to these books has completely changed my life. I don't often take the time to stop and look back at the significant difference it has made, but it's absolutely mindblowing when I do. 

If I can do it, anyone can. But ya know what? Most won't because it takes time, commitment and effort. The way you live, your mindset, that all comes down to habit. The better your habits, the better your life, and that's why I want to share 5 books that have changed my life! There are many, but these 5 have...

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