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Are reality television singing competitions a bad idea?

We've all seen "The Voice", "Idol", "Australia's Got Talent", or "whichever country you're from has talent", "The X Factor" ... we know what they are, and they just seem so damn appealing, don't they? Oh, I fell for it.. that promise of a chance at sweet, sweet victory! Adoring fans and a recording contract... overnight success!

Bzzz wrong! I will start by saying, on the very, very rare occasion, these singing shows can appear fruitful. Look at Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Guy Sebastian. There are a few that continue their success after the show is over, but not many.

I am entirely against being on a reality television show. Firstly, the contracts suck! They totally own your a**, how do I know? Because I've seen them. Second, it's hard to be who you are as an artist because they have a direction they want you to take. And third.. they all want a sad backstory. I have one, but no way was I selling out to that. 

There are 3 questions that you have to ask yourself...

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