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This Is Why You Should Have A YouTube Channel For Your Music

social media youtube Jan 12, 2022

At the time of writing this, we are in the second week of 2022! Time is moving ultra-fast, and it's time to double down on things that will help grow your music career. 

I've had this question a few times over the last year, so I thought I would talk about it and give you my honest opinion, because that's what I do, give you my honest and very down to earth opinion. So, should you have a YouTube channel for your music? YES, you should. When I write these blogs, I like to give you reasons for my thoughts. Usually, I give you 3 or 4, so here are the 3 reasons for having a YouTube channel for your music. 

1. YouTube is searchable -  When you create content, it's important to get the most out of every piece you create, and the best way to do that is to create searchable content. What is searchable content? It's content that doesn't disappear, content that is searchable for years to come. So when you create the metadata for your YouTube videos, i.e. the tags and headings...

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Get Your Captions Right! It's Costing You Fans!

captions social media Feb 10, 2021

So .. I started up my Instagram page about 8 months ago, but I wasn't very focused on it until the last 2 months. 

I set myself an Instagram growth challenge at the beginning of the year where I spend 30 minutes a day on Instagram and boy has it been an eye-opener.. holy crap! If I've learnt anything .. it is absolutely what not to post.. there is some utter crap posted on there .. I mean some of the captions are so thoughtless that it makes me mad and even if I liked the picture I'm not about to physically press like because I am too annoyed. 

Watch the video for some examples of what not to write...

But in terms of what to write.. make an effort, think about what people might find interesting .. but not too obscure .. cus some of them are so left of field I take the time to read but feel dumber for reading. 

Be thoughtful, think about what is interesting to your audience and don't make it all about you all of the time! Get them involved, aks them...

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3 Awesome Instagram Hacks

Ok, so I will admit it, I think I'm just outside of the Instagram generation and to be truthful I hate the idea of feeling like I am living my life down the barrel of a camera or looking for the next chance to get a great selfie, to me that is tiring. I found Facebook much easier and built a following of over 33k.

I have only recently started up an Instagram account for Shape Music. I have noticed a significant difference between growing an account now in comparison with growing an account just a few short years ago, bearing in mind that one is to promote myself as an artist and this one is to share tips and career advice. 

So! I figured I had better get learning about this platform because it seems to be sticking around, so since, I have spent a reasonable amount of time reading and taking a few short courses on how to maximise the Instagram Platform. 

Here are 3 awesome hacks to use to grow your Instagram account:

1. Don't post crap! It sounds pretty simple,...

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What Is Link In Bio And Why Do I Need One?

"Link In Bio" could very well be the best marketing tool that you can and should include in your social media bio. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok etc. are platforms that help you communicate with your audience. However, because they are at the mercy of the algorithm gods, it's never a good idea to put all of your eggs in the social media basket. 

As you build your audience across multiple platforms, they must have a way of linking up to each other, and on some platforms like Instagram, it can be difficult. As you grow your audience, you need to be able to direct them to your music and products without having to post about it daily. This tool allows us to do that. 

1. What is "link in bio". If you ever see "link in bio" written on any of your social media platforms, then it is referring you to the bio on the page. Within the bio, there will be a link, or we also call it a URL. When clicked, this link takes the audience to a page that...

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5 Easy Ways To Increase Your Fan Base Now


To be successful in business, you need an audience to sell to; every business needs clientele. Who is a musician's clientele? It's our fans. Without fans, we wouldn't be able to have a profitable career. Your Music is a business, and we need to treat it as one. Aside from always creating, we also need to be always promoting, building your brand and growing your fan base. 

Certain things need to be put into place to guarantee the growth of your fanbase, and beyond implementing these, you also need to be consistent. Without consistency, there is little to no hope of growing your fan base.

1. Know who you are and who your target audience is. Knowing who I was and who my target audience is, took me a very long time to learn but knowing who you are as an artist will then allow you to focus on who your target audience is. Why is your target audience so important? Remember, you are looking for potential fans that will be interested in your style of music,...

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3 Things You Need To Do To Start Your Career As An Independent Artist

Do you want to be an independent recording artist? Gig, tour, write or record? It can be really overwhelming and hard to know exactly where to start. Here are the first 3 things that you need to do to kickstart your career.

1. START. Starting can be the hardest thing to do but if you don't take the plunge and start, you will wait until you think you're ready or good enough and that will probably be never! So start! Start with the easiest thing that doesn't cost any money! Start building your profile. This means getting out there in front of anybody and everybody. Create social media accounts and start uploading pictures and videos, start live streaming. People need to know who you are!

2. PLAN. Create a plan. Think about what it is that you want to achieve as an artist. Do you want to gig or perhaps tour? or are you wanting to release music? Or perhaps you want to do all of the above. Spend an hour creating a plan that sets out what you want to achieve and stick to it.


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The 5 Step Plan To Independent Recording Artist Success

After many years, mistakes, and a tonne of money wasted, the most important thing I have learnt is that there is a process and you need a plan! That is why I have developed the 5 Step Plan To Independent Recording Artist Success.

The 5 Step Plan is a 12 page PDF download that moves through the 5 important steps that an independent artist must follow to successfully build a career in the music industry. In this video blog, I discuss the following 5 steps.

  • Know who you are as an artist (Positioning)
  • The importance of quality (Your Product)
  • How your audience sees and feels about you (Branding)
  • Preparing to record (Pre Production)
  • Taking your product to your audience (Marketing)

Download the FREE PDF below to learn about them in more detail.

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Don't Do This During The COVID-19


You can choose to be impacted or impactful, but just remember, every choice we make has consequences, good or bad. 

We all know that it is a difficult time in life at the moment, for the entire world, but if you choose to stop, give up, not move forward and choose the negative path or mindset, then this will have an impact on your brand.

People are looking for positives, people want to laugh, they want to have fun, be entertained, that's why we use social media. You have a unique position to be able to share any message you have to an audience through your social media platforms. Choose wisely! You will be remembered for what you share, remembered for your attitude and remembered for your actions during the COVID-19. You will be remembered by your supporters/fans, friends, family and your industry!. I cannot stress enough that you are being watched! Social media can be very dangerous if you don't use it well, it can have severe...

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Do Independent Artists Really Need To Use Social Media?


With the current crisis, we are all facing, especially within the music industry, NOW is when you ABSOLUTELY need social media! I will be creating an episode very soon around ways we can stay pro-active and keep out heads above water in this unprecedented time. 

Social Media platforms are our own dedicated space on the internet, our own little part of the world where we can build and grow a loyal community of supporters. Sure with the algorithms always changing, it can be challenging, but business as a whole is challenging and perhaps more challenging then it has ever been in the time you and I have been alive.

Make the most of the social media opportunity; it's not something we have always had available. It creates more opportunities for those who are willing to work on it. Stay consistent and produce valuable content for your supporters, they will appreciate it, and it will grow their trust and loyalty for your brand.

There are a few DO's and DON'Ts when it...

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Why Instant Gratification Is Dangerous For An Artist


We live in the world of instant gratification where we can have just about anything we want .... now! but can we really have a successful, sustainable career overnight? 

If you want a long and prosperous career as an artist then it is important to grow and develop your career over time. Wanting everything right now, to feel instantly gratified will lead you to lose sight of the overall goal, which is to have a successful career for as long as possible.

Instant gratification makes us feel good, at the time, it's a bit like shovelling down a bunch of fast and fatty feel-good food, it's great in the moment but isn't great for us in the long run. We don't want our career to be the fast, feel-good now food, we want to maintain healthy growth.

I have included 3 tips to help you grow organically... let's find out what they are!


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