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This Is Why You Should Have A YouTube Channel For Your Music

social media youtube Jan 12, 2022

At the time of writing this, we are in the second week of 2022! Time is moving ultra-fast, and it's time to double down on things that will help grow your music career. 

I've had this question a few times over the last year, so I thought I would talk about it and give you my honest opinion, because that's what I do, give you my honest and very down to earth opinion. So, should you have a YouTube channel for your music? YES, you should. When I write these blogs, I like to give you reasons for my thoughts. Usually, I give you 3 or 4, so here are the 3 reasons for having a YouTube channel for your music. 

1. YouTube is searchable -  When you create content, it's important to get the most out of every piece you create, and the best way to do that is to create searchable content. What is searchable content? It's content that doesn't disappear, content that is searchable for years to come. So when you create the metadata for your YouTube videos, i.e. the tags and headings...

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What Is Link In Bio And Why Do I Need One?

"Link In Bio" could very well be the best marketing tool that you can and should include in your social media bio. Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok etc. are platforms that help you communicate with your audience. However, because they are at the mercy of the algorithm gods, it's never a good idea to put all of your eggs in the social media basket. 

As you build your audience across multiple platforms, they must have a way of linking up to each other, and on some platforms like Instagram, it can be difficult. As you grow your audience, you need to be able to direct them to your music and products without having to post about it daily. This tool allows us to do that. 

1. What is "link in bio". If you ever see "link in bio" written on any of your social media platforms, then it is referring you to the bio on the page. Within the bio, there will be a link, or we also call it a URL. When clicked, this link takes the audience to a page that...

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