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So You Can Release Your Own Music, Build A Die-Hard Fan Base & Do What You Love Every Day


I'll Show You HOW To Go From Where You Are Now To Building Your Die-Hard Fan Base Releasing Music, And Doing What You Love Every Day!

The Music Career Roadmap is jam packed with everything you need to dive in, start releasing your own music and building your die-hard fanbase! It's the formula that I use for releasing my own music that has regularly topped the charts in my country.
  • I'll show you how to create your own brand and logo (so you look irresistible 🤩)
  • How to produce stunning artwork for less than $10 (You wanna get this right ✅)
  • The best way to distribute your music to Spotify and the rest of the digital world for less than $30 (Let's get your music out to every fan in every corner of the earth 🌎)
  • I'll show you how to create a marketing campaign that will excite your fans (so you can gain new loyal followers 📣)
  •  A step by step checkoff for exactly what to do on the day of your release (The most exciting day of your life! 💥)

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